Szkolne Schronisko Młodzieżowe
ul. Świętego Józefa 26
87-100 Toruń
Internat Zespołu Skół Mechanicznych
Elektrycznych i Elektronicznych
Direct phone:
56 6596184
Reception opening hours:
7:00 .. 10:00 i 16:00 .. 22:00
apart from Sundays
Hostel night:
16:00 .. 10:00
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Statute of the Youth Hostel Toruń

General provisions


Youth Hostel in the Group of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Schools named after Sylwester Kaliski in Toruń, referred to hereinafter as the "Hostel", acts pursuant to the 7th September 1991 Law on the System of Education (Journal of Laws of 2004 No. 256, item 2572, as amended), Regulations by the Minister of National Education and Sport of 7th March 2005 on the framework statues of public units (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 52, item 466) and Regulations by the Minister of National Education and Sport of 7th March 2005 on the types and detailed principles of operation of public units, conditions of stay in these units of children and young people, as well as the amounts of fees and principles of their payment by parents for their children's stay in these units (Journal of Laws of 2005, No. 52, item 467, as amended), and these Statutes.


  1. Youth Hostel is a public educational unit.
  2. The Hostel's governing authority is the Municipality of Toruń.
  3. Kuyavian and Pomeranian Superintendent of Schools is the authority having educational supervision over the Hostel.


  1. The name and address of the Hostel are as follows:

    „Group of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Schools in Toruń
    Youth Hostel
    87-100 Toruń
    22/24 Świętego Józefa Street”

  2. The above-established name shall be used by the Hostel in its full form.
  3. The Hostel shall use an oblong seal, with the following writing:

    „Group of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Schools in Toruń
    Youth Hostel
    22/24 Świętego Józefa Street, 87-100 Toruń”

  4. The Hostel runs its business in the building located at 22/24 Świętego Józefa Street in Toruń. On the building's wall, there is a triangular plate, sized 60cm x 60cm x 60cm, with the following writing: "Youth Hostel" (large white letters on a green background).

The Hostel's purposes


  1. The Hostel's main purpose is the propagation of tourism as an active form of recreation, providing cheap accommodation for students, providing educational care and tourist information.

The Hostel's authorities


  1. The Hostel is managed by the School Headmistress, employed by the Hostel's governing authority.
  2. The Headmistress's competences include:
    1. managing current operations of the Hostel and its representation,
    2. organising, running and supervising implementation of the Hostel's purposes,
    3. preparing and implementing the revenues and expenses plan.
  3. The Headmistress is the unit manager for the employees of the Hostel who are not teachers.
  4. The Headmistress shall organise any renovation and remodelling works that are necessary for a more efficient functioning of the Hostel and shall raise the standard of the services provided.
  5. At a request of the Headmistress, the governing authority may consent to create positions other than those stipulated in these statutes.
  6. The Headmistress employs and dismisses employees of the Hostel.

Employees of the Hostel


  1. The hostel is supported by the school administration. Employees of the Hostel are not teachers.
  2. The receptionist's tasks include:
    1. running registration and financial documentation concerning school groups and individual guests of the Hostel,
    2. collecting fees for stay, issuing receipts and invoices,
    3. transferring money to the School's cash-desk,
    4. providing care and supervision over the Hostel and its guests,
    5. giving out and collecting bed linens from groups and individual guests,
    6. sending bed linens to the laundry, and its receipt therefrom,
    7. material liability for the property left in the rooms and generally accessible premises,
    8. providing tourist information, general information and informing on the regulations in force,
    9. systematic control of Hostel rooms and generally accessible premises,
    10. participation in the works of inventory committee,
    11. following the Headmistress's orders, according to the position held.
  3. The cleaner's tasks include:
    1. performing all the cleaning works necessary to keep all the Hostel rooms and premises clean,
    2. supervising the Hostel (its equipment and usage) during work,
    3. assistance while purchasing equipment and furnishings for the Hostel,
    4. following the Headmistress's orders, according to the position held.
  4. Principles of employment and remuneration of administrative and Hostel employees are set out in separate regulations.

The Hostel's organisation


  1. The Hostel is organised as a permanent unit, open all year, with the exclusion of the days determined as days off in the Labour Code.
  2. The Hostel provides accommodation in rooms with 8, 5 and 2 beds. In the rooms with 8 beds, there are bunk beds, and in the rooms with 5 beds there are single beds; a shared sanitary unit is located in the corridor. Double rooms have single beds and their own sanitary units. In the rooms, there is a table, a wardrobe, a mirror, stools, for each bed there is a blanket, bedding and bed linens. There is also a kitchen area, a TV room and a clubroom with Internet access.

Principles of the Hostel's functioning


  1. Children, school students and their guardians have the right to use the Hostel.
  2. In justified cases (for example, in the case when a person who is under the influence of narcotics or who acts in an inappropriate way requests to stay in the Hostel), a Hostel employee has the right to refuse to check such a person in.
  3. The Hostel runs a book of reservations for school groups and individual tourists, pursuant to regulations set out by the Headmistress and determined in the Hostel regulations.
  4. If there are beds available, other persons may stay in the Hostel as well.


  1. It is not permitted to stay in the Hostel for a period of time longer that 3 consecutive nights, unless there are beds available and the Headmistress consents to the extension of stay.
  2. A hotel day starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 10:00 AM the following day.


  1. Detailed provisions of the Hostel's organisation and functioning are regulated by the internal regulations set out by the Headmistress, based on the provisions in force.
  2. In all matters not regulated in these statutes and the Hostel regulations mentioned in paragraph 1, and related to the daily operations of the Hostel, such as are ensuring order, protection of property, complying with the principles of community life, the Hostel's guests shall follow the Headmistress's orders.


  1. A group's supervisor or an individual tourist shall be liable for any damage caused to the Hostel's property.
  2. The Headmistress sets out the amount of compensation that shall be paid to Hostel for the damage to the property mentioned in paragraph 1.


  1. The Hostel shall not be liable for valuables and money brought inside the building.

Rights and duties of children and young people staying in the Hostel


  1. Children and young people staying in the Hostel have the right to:
    1. such conditions of stay in the Hostel that ensure their safety, protection from all forms of physical and psychological violence, as well as security and respect of their dignity, in keeping with the principles of equal treatment,
    2. use the Hostel's premises, facilities, sports and recreational equipment in the presence of the group's supervisor,
    3. access to cultural and tourist information, as well as assistance of Hostel's employees,
    4. a friendly, substantive treatment on the part of all employees of the Hostel and other tourists staying in the Hostel,
    5. freedom to express their thoughts and opinions, especially those concerning their expectations towards the Hostel and its services, if by doing so they do not act to the detriment of other people's well-being.


  1. Guests staying in the Hostel are obliged to:
    1. comply with the principles of community life, respect opinions and convictions of others, show concern for their own safety and health, as well as other people's,
    2. behave orderly inside and outside Hostel, use polite language and counteract any displays of violence and vulgarity,
    3. observe the Hostel regulations, follow the employees' directions and the Headmistress' orders,
    4. show concern for Hostel's property and its aesthetical look, keep the Hostel premises clean and orderly; in the case of causing any damage - repair it or pay compensation for the costs of repair,
    5. pay all fees for their stay in the Hostel, as stipulated in the price list.


  1. In the case any rights of children, young people and other guests of the Hostel are violated, a direct complaint may be lodged in person, in writing, by fax or by telephone to:
    1. the supervisor of the group, school excursion, who then transfers it to the Headmistress,
    2. directly to the Headmistress,
    3. authority executing educational supervision over the Hostel, or governing authority,
    4. a supervisor or head of the group may lodge a complaint on behalf of a student to the above-mentioned authorities.
  2. A period of 14 days is designated to investigate the complaint, after the expiry of which a proper answer shall be given, if the matter cannot be settled immediately.
  3. In the case a complaint about an employee is lodged, it shall be transferred to the Headmistress; a complaint about the Headmistress shall be transferred to the governing or supervising authority.
  4. The mode of answering the complaint shall be as set out in paragraph 2.

Administration and financial and economic operations of the Hostel


  1. The Hostel is a budgetary unit.
  2. The Hostel runs financial and material activity pursuant to separate provisions.
  3. The Hostel runs and stores its documentation pursuant to separate provisions.


  1. Fees for staying in the hostel are collected pursuant to the price list.
  2. The amount of fees for staying in the Hostel of children, young people and their supervisors are set out by the governing authority.
  3. The amount of fees for staying in the Hostel of individual guests are set out by the Headmistress in her own regulations.

Final provisions


  1. In the Hostel, the following materials shall be placed in a visible and accessible place:
    1. information materials on the Kyuavian and Pomeranian region,
    2. tourist information, a list of important telephone numbers, information on the city transportation timetables and guides, nearby restaurants, as well as the information on the location of cultural places of interest and sport facilities,
    3. the statutes and regulations of the Hostel, the price list of the Hostel fees and the book of complaints.

The Statutes of Youth Hostel in the Group of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Schools in Toruń were adopted by resolution of the Teachers' Board of 20th March 2013.